2 nd Vantaa Photoclub International exhibition

Current information

1. Register into the system.
2. Change your password so that you can easily remember it.
3. Choose the exhibition where you want to upload your images.
4. Upload your images into different sections one by one. (Later it will become possible to upload four images at a time.)
5. Pay your participation fee. If possible, use the same e-mail address both as your PayPal account name and when registrating into this system. If your PayPal account name (=e-mail address) is different, please, inform us via e-mail because we need to identify your payment.
6. By logging again into the system you can check if your payment
was accepted.
7. You can change image names or delete images until the uploading time ends.

If you have registered earlier into Photo portal website you can log in by the same username and password.
In case you do not remember your password, you can change it: [Reset password]. We will send you a new password to your registered e-mail address.
To get started for the first time click [Register]. You will receive your password to your registered e-mail address.
After registration you can log in by clicking [Log in] and writing your username and password.
Notice, that the password is given between apostrophes: E.g. your new password 'rYqC{Sl]' works as rYqC{Sl] More help on the FAQ page or e-mail exhibition@vantaanfotokerho.net

More help on e-mail exhibition@vantaanfotokerho.net

Create an account as a new user.
If Captcha is difficult. Press [Register] again and you will get
a new Captcha. We recommend you to change your password because the one you receive after successful registration is most probably very complicated to remember.


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